Liz Taylor’s contribution to advertising and marketing

Unfortunately there wasn’t much of it (far less so than there would be these days for the most famous film actress in the world).

But in a long relationship with perfume maker Elizabeth Arden Liz Taylor did endorse Passion and White Diamonds, two brands that still make money today.

And in the early 1990s spoke out for AIDS charities, not an especially popular move to make in Hollywood at the time.

Dunno what Gregor Fisher aka Ralph C. Nesbitt and Cher are doing in the above, but there you go.

It’s a shame that she’s best remembered for her appearance as Cleopatra with roistering Welsh boyo (and future husband) Richard Burton.

Whatever else Liz could do, she couldn’t do regal, with that squeaky mid-Atlantic voice.

But she did win two Academy Awards and eight husbands. And also narrowly avoided being in a Michael Winner film.

That’s star quality.

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