LG’s Dermot Boden wins the top marketing job at banking giant Citigroup

‘Life’s Good’ was Dermot Boden’s marketing mantra at South Korean electronics and household goods giant LG and it’s turning out pretty well for the Irishman as he’s just landed the CMO job at US banking giant Citigroup, along with a Wall Street-style salary presumably.

Next year Citigroup celebrates its 200th anniversary, an event that didn’t look very likely at the height of the credit crunch in 2008 when Citigroup was bailed out by the US government (which was markedly less generous to Wall Street rival Lehman Brothers).

At LG Boden succeeded in creating a decidedly cheery image for its products ranging from fridges to mobiles, including its participation in the ‘Life in a Day’ event on YouTube.

It will be interesting to see what he makes of financial marketing, which has its potential pitfalls of course.

Here’s Dermot in Life’s Good mode:

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