Gurbaksh Chahal well on the way to second fortune as Radium One raises $21m from investors

Gurbaksh Chahal is probably far richer than WPP veteran and shareholder Sir Martin Sorrell and he’s only 28.

Chahal founded the online ad network Blue Lithium and then sold it to Yahoo for $300m in 2007. It now forms the basis of Yahoo Advertising.

Now his new company RadiumOne, which produces software to analyse behaviour on social network sites, has raised $21m from a group of San Francisco investors to expand around the world.

RadiumOne claims to work with 200 of the biggest companies in the US, providing them with alternative data to that supplied by media owners such as Facebook.

Prior to raising the new capital RadiumOne is reported to have received an offer of $200m to buy the company, which is the figure it is now valued at after issuing the new shares.

Maybe Chahal (who hardly needs the money) is in for the long haul this time. If he isn’t we can expect the likes of Sorrell, Maurice Levy of Publicis Groupe and maybe even John Wren at Omnicom (who had his fingers burned with online agencies in the dotcom crash) to be dusting off their wallets.

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