Google tops Brand Finance top brands chart but what is Apple doing down at number eight?

Brand Finance’s annual survey of the world’s top 500 brands (company brands in the top ten, which is quite revealing) ranks Google, worth $44.3bn (£27.3bn), as the world’s leading brand, pushing Microsoft into second place.

Top UK brand is Vodafone with a valuation of £19bn, ahead of HSBC and Tesco. Disaster-prone BP fell to 104th.

Brand Finance says: ” From a global perspective five of the top ten’s fastest growers are technology-related companies, reinforcing the importance of embracing technological innovation to give a seamless, value-enhancing brand experience.”

So what on earth is Apple doing down at number eight with a brand valuation of around £30bn when it’s the world’s second-largest company by stock market value behind Exxon Mobil (with a certain facility in technology) ahead of both Google and Microsoft.

In this table it even lags Bank of America Merrill Lynch, surely some mistake?

Maybe most of the people Brand Finance questioned use PCs (and don’t read the papers)

Here’s the top list.


1 2 Google $44,294m (36,196)
2 5 Microsoft 42,805 (33,604)
3 1 Wal-Mart 36,220 (41,365)
4 4 IBM 36,157 (33,706)
5 7 Vodafone 30,674 (28,995)
6 12 Bank of America 30,619 (26,047)
7 6 General Electric 30,504 (31,909)
8 20 Apple 29,543 (19,829)
9 15 Wells Fargo 28,944 (21,916)
10 11 AT&T 28,884 (26,585)

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