Google takes ten per cent of global online display market – $2.5bn and that’s just for starters

Until now Google has been noticeably reticent about spilling the beans on its online display activities (probably because it’s been a hard push) but now online display boss Neil Mohan has told the Morgan Stanley in San Francisco that it is garnering an annualised $2.5bn (based on third quarter figures) out of a global market he estimates at $25bn.

He also reckons the global display market is at a “tipping point” and set to take off on a path which will see it hit $100bn although he didn’t offer a specific time frame.

One reason for this is that the Mountain View company has hired thousands of Googlers to make online display advertising easier, if not necessarily cheaper.

Ten per cent of any global ad market is whopping great share for any media owner, which may be another reason why Google has been reticent on the subject. But Mohan is clearly keen to tell the investment community that all this effort is worthwhile and Google is right to explore other fields outside search.

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