Daily Star reporter Richard Peppiatt’s account of life on the tabloid front line

The excesses perpetrated by Britain’s tabloid newspapers are the stuff of legend, and occasionally big, important legal actions as in the case of the News of the World phone hacking scandal (currently hiding in the long grass).

Very occasionally one of the perpetrators spills the beans (most of them are too frightened of the gruesome consequences to do so).

One such is the Daily Star’s intrepid (or maybe at the end of his tether) reporter Richard Peppiatt who has spilled the beans on the bizarre and sadistic initiatives of his editors (and possibly proprietor Channel 5 boss Richard Desmond) in an article for the Independent on Sunday.

These involve him dressing up as a Richard Hammond-style Mexican to beard the Mexican ambassador (who had the effrontery to complain about the Top Gear presenter’s offensive remarks), proposing to Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle and being beaten up by the Metropolitan Police as he was masquerading as an anarchist during the G20 protests last year.

As the News of the World used to propose in its advertising slogan, “All human life is there.”

Sort of.

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