Burger King loss is a big blow for high-flying Crispin Porter

After a turbulent few years Burger King, now under yet another new owner Brazilian-backed 3G Capital, has dumped high-flying agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Burger King has been through so many changes of direction recently as it has tried (and failed) to keep up with renascent McDonald’s that it’s no surprise that the agency has taken a powder.

But it’s still a big blow to MDC-owned Crispin Porter, accounting for $300m in (media equivalent) billings in the US and employing around 200 people at the agency.

I think this is one of theirs, it’s clearly an idea searching for a strategy.

It’s a real poser for agencies when they get a huge client that’s evidently in disarray. Do you kid yourself you can turn it round through your own genius? Often I’m sure agencies do but in reality they can’t.

Maybe the new Brazilian owners of Burger King will head homewards to find an agency in award-rich Latin America. That would seem the obvious thing to do.

But Burger King stands or falls on how it does in the US market, home of whopper meals of every description. So maybe that’s good news for the big marcoms companies who’ll be queueing up to pitch.

But they should remember that before you make an ad it’s best to have a plan.

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