New Wieden Unpredictable Life campaign for Honda Jazz has a predictable message

Agency of the moment (well the last week and a half anyway) Wieden & Kennedy (London branch) has produced another Flame animated epic for Honda, this time the new Honda Jazz with a Peter Pan-type family steering a course through “this unpredictable life.”

The campaign, by Sam Heath and Chris Groom, also claims to be the first TV campaign to boast an iPhone app featuring ‘screen jumping,’ in essence turning the characters in the film into an interactive game in which they can extracted from the ad into a creation of your own.

The underlying message though is rather familiar, certainly to anyone who can recall “if everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen.”

No harm in that of course, lots of advertisers plump for this appealing message or variations upon it. Lloyds Bank’s long-running animated ‘journey’ campaign is not dissimilar.

But that’s life these days, awash with advertiser-friendly hazards.

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