Sir Martin Sorrell on his ‘frenemy’ Apple, enemy Google and new Blue Hive agency deal with Ford

That sage de nos jours Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP has been talking to the Financial Times (live!) and he discusses why he thinks Apple is now a ‘frenemy’ (its closed App system makes life hard for publishers, advertisers and agencies), Google’s an enemy (although he seems to have backtracked on this later, WPP does spend $1bn on search with it these days) and why the new Blue Hive agency within WPP is so important.

Blue Hive was formed to handle the global launch of the new Ford Focus, arguably the first Ford world car since the Model T, and Sir Martin says it not only gives Ford access to the 140,000 people in WPP but also experts outside the company should they be required. “We’re not proud,” he says.

He also has some stern words for US president Barack Obama on the need to cut the US budget deficit, which might seem a bit uppity from an adman.

But one of the nice things about Sir Martin is that he does try to answer all the questions put to him unlike many of his stonewalling peers.

He should stop fiddling with his spectacles though.

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