Pepsico ads win USA Today’s Super Bowl contest

USA Today has a panel of viewers armed with its ad meters and they voted four Pepsico ads into the top ten, two for Doritos (one of which came equal top with Budweiser), one for Pepsi and one for Pepsi Max.

They’re all here.

Pleasingly for Pepsico deadly rival Coca-Cola came way behind, as did most of the car ads which were supposed to dominate viewers’ eyeballs in Sunday’s game. Maybe they should have featured dogs, as Doritos and Budweiser did. VW came top of the cars in USA Today’s poll.

The top Pepsico Doritos ad was created by amateur student JR Burningham from Salt Lake City in the company’s Crash the Super Bowl content, netting him (or her) $1m.

I prefer this entry but it’s maybe a bit rugged for the bowl.

On the off chance that anyone cares about the game, it’s here.

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