Nielsen’s last word on the Super Bowl, Doritos wins on recall, VW’s little Darth Vader was the most liked

So there you are, researcher Nielsen confirms USA Today’s viewer poll more or less with Pepsico’s array of brands led by Doritos winning in the recall stakes.

Most-liked was VW’s Little Darth Vader ad which, taken together with the doggy Doritos and Budweiser ads, gives the lie to the the old theatrical adage that you should never work with children and animals.

Pleasing to see Chrysler’s wonderful Eminem ad in the best-liked and intriguing to see Audi’s luxury jail with Kenny G in there (with a new commercial as they told us).

Here’s one we haven’t shown yet, Bridgestone’s ‘Carma’ featuring another furry animal.

And that’s enough Super Bowl for this year.

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