New Volvo global marketing boss Richard Monturo says there’s no such thing as global marketing

Well he does in this presentation on marketing to the so-called BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) anyway.

Actually Richard Monturo, the new global marketing boss of Volvo is just teasing, he goes on to say that all consumers aren’t the same and marketing needs to reflect that, as we know.

But Monturo, who’s leaving Miami agency La Communidad to take up the reins at Volvo, should make an interesting client with his emphasis on creativity.

It’s what you’d expect from someone who made their reputation at TBWA and Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam before becoming a marketing guru. Volvo is currently handled by Havas agency Arnold through an operation based in Amsterdam.

The Swedish car maker is now owned by China’s Geely which bought it from Ford’s defunct Premier Automotive Group for $1.8bn a year or so ago.

Ford clearly took the view that Volvo was too small to survive in a premium car market dominated by German giants Audi, BMW and Mercedes and Japan’s Lexus, just as US rival General Motors did when it gave away Saab.

But both marques have prospered to a degree in a reviving world market and Geely’s access to the rapidly-growing Chinese car market should make the intrepid Monturo’s life a little easier.

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