Is this what life’s really like inside Wieden + Kennedy? Carrie Brownstein thinks it is

And writer (and celebrated guitarist) Carrie Brownstein should know as she briefly toiled at the famous Portland agency back in 2007, interviewing for its intern programme.

The finale for the first series of IFC’s hit show Portlandia, set in and around Wieden’s home town, features writer Brownstein in acting mode as a bemused and bewildered first day newcomer to the agency. And what an odd lot they are.

The loopy creatives are actors rather than Wieden staffers apparently, no doubt a wise move on the part of the agency which has obviously noticed that real life adpersons in documentaries always look silly, sitting around earnestly discussing everyday items in an environment that clearly has nothing to do with everyday life.

But the Portlandia crew were allowed to roam around the Wieden building so it’s doubtful how many viewers will make the distinction. Wieden itself hasn’t so far commented on the finished show, surely it can’t be lost for words?

But it’s fun.

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