HTC Europe appoints McCann – here’s the first big challenge for new creative director Linus Karlsson

HTC is the Taiwan maker of groovy mobile phones which has never got its marketing quite right, originally it was called Hi-Tech Corporation which might have played well in Taiwan but was less compelling elsewhere in the world.

It supplies smart phones for other brands but also wants to build its own brand franchise. So it’s appointed McCann Erickson to make it the hipster’s choice in Europe.

Surely some mistake?

The appointment was made in December according to Campaign and new McCann London creative director and chairman Linus Karlsson (formerly of Mother New York) didn’t start in London until January.

McCann sibling Deutsch handles HTC in the US. But you still wouldn’t have chosen McCann for this in Europe unless you knew the agency was going to change, would you? Well maybe they did, Karlsson’s appointment was announced at the end of November last year.

Whatever, HTC should be the perfect account for Karlsson to show his paces.

But he might have wished for a longer playing-in period.

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