UK mobile phone ads are booming but it’s not good news for web publishers

That’s what research firm Enders Analysis thinks anyway, forecasting that mobile phone ads will grow from a market worth £46m in the UK in 2009 to £419m by 2015 (nearly ten per cent of the online ad market), a compound growth rate of 45 per cent.

However two thirds of this will be search with online publishers taking a hit (relatively) because mobiles are too small to display most online display ads.

Mobiles will account for 28 per cent of web browsing says Enders, driven by smart phone sales (iPhones and the various new Android models) which will take 75 per cent of the market.

So here’s yet another challenge for publishers, the seemingly insoluble one of mobiles’ screen size (one reason why publishers are so excited by the bigger iPad of course).

Somehow or other they need to find a way of persuading people to look at ad pages on mobiles, as they do in newspapers or magazines. There’s a potentially rewarding challenge for digital creative agencies.

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