Sony snaps up Morgan Spurlock’s product placement film – essential viewing for UK advertisers

Why? Well product placement is to be allowed in the UK for the first time (officially at least, some cunning brands have been doing it for years) from the end of February and those advertisers confused as whether it will boost their brands or make them an outraged nation’s whipping boys should hot foot it over to the US in April to see Morgan Spurlock’s new film POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movies Ever Sold.

Sony Pictures International snapped up the distribution rights to the film at Robert Redford’s Sundance indie film festival, to the great relief of Spurlock, who directed and appeared in the McDonald’s spoof Super Size Me, who had struggled to persuade companies to co-operate in the making of it.

Among the brands who eventually succumbed were Mini Cooper, Ban deodorant and the intriguing Mane N Tail left), a shampoo aimed at both humans and horses.

Pomegranate juice maker POM Wonderful liked the movie so much it bought it.

This is a film not broadcast TV and the US not the UK, of course. Even so Spurlock’s tongue-in-cheek experience suggests that even some big brands (Mini Cooper) are willing to give these potentially risky ventures a whirl and that such exposure is perfect for edgy or, in the case of Mane N Tail, just weird brands.

Spurlock says he expects sales of Mane N Tail to go through the roof. But who buys it? Cowgirls?

Here’s Spurlock discussing his new film (the CBS ones on YouTube are funnier but the meanies there won’t allow embedding).

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