Here’s Prezza’s inimitable take on the News of the World phone hacking scandal

John Prescott that is, former Labour deputy leader in government and now Lord Prescott of somewhere or other.

But you have to admit the old boy’s got a point even if he does confuse the (non-existent) Criminal Prosecution Office with the real (non-competent in this affair so far) Crown Prosecution Service.

Just to make News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch even less of a happy wallaby, the object of his corporate desires pay-TV operator BSkyB announced second half 2010 profits of £526m today on a !5 per cent sales increase to £3.2bn. Thereby putting its price up.

If the News bid ever does make it past culture secretary Jeremy Hunt to the Competition Commission the competition worthies might also look at the gold mine that is Sky. Is it charging too much?

But the most worrying thing for Murdoch is that this affair has now well and truly escaped the business pages (helped along by the Andy Gray/Richard Keys Sky Sports business) and the political columns to become a mainstream news talking point with everyone seemingly with an opinion (nearly all anti-Murdoch and News Corporation).

All of a sudden there’s votes in it. As PM David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt will be well aware.

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