POM Wonderful juice gets its very own movie courtesy of Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock

There’s a brave pomegranate juice provider, POM Wonderful is sponsoring Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary about product placement, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

So now it’s become POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Spurlock, whose new film debuts at Robert Redford’s Sundance Festival this month, is most famous for his 2004 Super Size Me expose of McDonald’s, tracking his own (mis) fortunes living on Big Macs and the like for a month.

It’s fair to say that McDonald’s was less than thankful for the free publicity. For The Greatest Story he approached numerous ad and media agencies intiially, only to be politely shown the door.

But he says brand owners were much more forthcoming, especially the fearless POM Wonderful.

So much so that he raised $1.5m from them to fund the film which is based on his fund-raising attempts.

If Morgan ever tires of documentaries he could have a great future in – advertising.

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