Mighty Sky juggernaut rolls on with Dustin Hoffman plugging HBO deal with Sky Atlantic

Executives at UK pay-TV broadcaster BSkyB, about to announce yet more stellar sales and profit figures, must be so wishing they could do away with Rupert Murdoch, 39 per cent owner News Corporation, The News of the World, Andy Coulson and all the other paraphernalia that goes with a News Corporation connection these days.

Because the business is a cash torrent and much of that cash is pouring in to making and broadcasting classy programmes, including via its new exclusive deal with US broadcast giant Home Box Office (HBO).

And to show it’s got class it’s signed up prickly screen legend Dustin Hoffman (who only turns out for the A-team and then not very often) to plug its wares.

Sky is currently in a place that every other broadcaster on earth would die for. Apart from the horrible politics.

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