Master of hype Piers Morgan debuts on CNN, Howard Stern lands a few soft punches

The day after new CNN interview host Piers Morgan reduced Oprah Winfrey to tears (guests on Piers’ programmes take crying lessons in advance and carry a peeled onion just in case) he came up against the anything but lachrymose shock jock king Howard Stern.

And this encounter is being hyped as a transatlantic punch-up between the two heavyweight champs of the screen (OK there’s Oprah too).

In fact Howard, by his stellar standards, was positively mild, merely questioning Morgan’s journalistic credentials and remarking that England was the size of Philadelphia.

Lots more here if you want it.

At least Piers was wearing a nice suit and tie rather than the shirt-slashed-to-the-waist look he’s been sporting recently.

How did he do? Actually the boy done well. It would just be nice if he stopped plugging his show in absolutely everything he writes in the UK.

Piers, we know you’ve got a big gig on CNN.

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