So is Golden Globes’ Ricky Gervais funny or not?

And what’s that got to do with advertising anyway?

Well only that Ricky Gervais is arguably the most successful of the supposedly edgy stand-ups cum actors who influence a lot of what’s on the telly and a hell of a lot of what passes for humour in commercials.

For instance, the latest trend in British TV is the so-called ‘roast’ where a showbiz celeb who’s desperate for any kind of attention submits themselves to a tidal wave of abuse and bad jokes from other members of the celebrati in the audience.

Roasting used to be a phrase applied to the nocturnal antics of footballers but we won’t go into that here.

Gervais hosted the Golden Globes for the second time last night, saying beforehand that he wouldn’t be invited back a third time, oh no.

But is that because he planned to offend the assembled stars with his rapier wit or because he just isn’t funny?

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    Those Barclays Bank ads for example? Dead-pan humour or just plain patronising?