Facebook ups stakes in local game by buying Seattle start-up Rel8tion

Blimey there’s horrible name for you. Anyway, undeterred obviously, Facebook has bought Rel8tion, an embryo local online advertising specialist, to help its drive to point more of its 500m plus users to local shops and services.

Local sales are increasingly seen as the easiest revenue stream for social network sites, in effect they seem intent on becoming a more contemporary version of sites like Craigslist (without the hookers presumably).

Rel8tion (rename this outfit please Facebook) was founded by former Microsoft and Google engineer Peter Wilson and consultant Scott Hannan

Wilson and Hannan, like many others in the months to come, will be thanking their lucky stars for Google’s recent failed $6bn bid for Groupon, a local-based buying site.

The big beasts of the tech world are now falling over themselves to buy anything with the world ‘local’ in its job description.

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