Clear Channel’s new digital ads invade the bathrooms at Chicago airport

Clear Channel is installing digital mirrors in the bathrooms at Chicago’s O’Hare airport to provide “a platform to convey gender-specific advertisements that are guaranteed to reach male and female audiences in an uncluttered environment.”

Coca-Cola and Microsoft are reported to be among the advertisers interested in the new medium.

So just when you thought you could escape the damn things (ads) you can’t.

Ads have been a feature of UK pub and club bathrooms for years of course, but not quite as obtrusively as when you’re looking in the mirror.

According to the company’s research people visit the bathrooms at O’Hare 1.8 times per visit to the airport. Sporting events are rather better with 2.8 beer-induced visits.

Actually they ought to bring them to London’s Heathrow and Gatwick. People are delayed so long when there’s a bit of snow that the number of visits would probably rise to about 15.

Although the bathroom environment could hardly be described as “uncluttered.”

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