Celebs cash in on Twitter through networks like Ad.ly and Izea

If you find your favourite celebrity on Twitter recommending something odd like detergent or a new commercial truck or mini-van it’s probably because they’ve been paid for it.

And it won’t be their choice of a deathless 140 characters or less but the work of a ghostwriter.

Companies in the US like Ad.ly and Izea are signing up celebs, from A-listers like Snoop Dogg to the definitely D-list stars of the soaps of yesteryear for campaigns on Twitter for clients including Kia, CBS and Toyota (Snoop’s alleged fave).

According to Business Week campaigns can cost up to $100,000 or more and a popular Twitter figure like Kim Kardashian, a reality TV performer who’s chiefly famous for being famous, can command $10,000 per Tweet thanks to her 5.6m followers on the network.

Well it’s nice work if you can get it even the the practice is not exactly transparent.

I wonder how much the UK’s favourite Tweeter Stephen Fry could command if he were inclined to rent himself out?

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