Canada unseats United States as top country brand according to FutureBrand

It always looked like a mistake (in hindsight of course) for the US not to push harder to shunt the 49th parallel border between it and Canada a bit further north, making Canadians even colder and giving the US Vancouver Bay.

This historical insight seems borne out by UK researcher FutureBrand’s latest survey of top country brands which shows Canada in top spot with the US dropping to fourth.

Switzerland, Finland and Sweden all enter the top ten (so it can’t be all about the weather) while the embattled UK drops just one spot to ninth. So it really can’t be all about the weather. Here’s the list.

1 Canada (2)
2. Australia (3)
3. New Zealand (4)
4. United States (1)
5. Switzerland (new entry)
6. Japan (7)
7. France (5)
8. Finland (new entry)
9. United Kingdom (8)
10. Sweden (new entry)

So what qualities are required to do well? Heritage, culture, values, whether or not it’s a nice place to live, all that stuff. But economics must surely play a very big part. Most of these countries, certainly the three newbies and indeed Canada, escaped the worst of the recession.

Interesting stuff though. Marketing Week’s Lou Cooper examines what Britain needs to do to get back up the table here.

Should be essential reading at M&C Saatchi of course, which has just won the £100m Visit Britain account.

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