Ex agency boss Steve Blamer blames agency search middlemen for ‘double dipping’

Former agency boss Steve Blamer is setting himself up as an agency search consultant, without whom no big agency review seems complete these days, and has told Ad Age that the business is rife with double dipping, search consultants taking a fee from the client but also from agencies.

Without the client’s knowledge presumably.

He says he knows it’s true because he’s paid such consultants himself in his agency career that included stints at Grey, FCB and latterly running Don Elgie’s Creston venture in the US.

It’s pretty obvious that a search company hired to assemble a shortlist of agencies and then helping to administer a pitch, maybe even helping decide the winner, shouldn’t be taking money from the competing agencies.

But it happens all over the place. You don’t get your product on a price comparison website unless you pay a fee to have it listed.

Blamer is no stranger to controversy, sometimes in financial matters.

But he could be on to something here.

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