Why Twitter might become bigger than Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg might be Time’s person of the year (following in the celebrated footsteps of Chairman Mao and Josef Stalin among others) but his social network phenomenon is under pressure from (relative) upstart Twitter.

The excellent Wall St. Cheat Sheet has some stats supplied by Digital Surgeons.

88 percent of people are aware of Facebook, while 87 percent are aware of Twitter;

12 percent of Facebook users update their status every day vs. 52 percent for Twitter;

Males make up 46 percent of Facebook users, and 48 percent of Twitter;

30 percent access Facebook via mobile vs. 37 percent for Twitter;

40 percent follow a brand on Facebook vs. 25 percent on Twitter;

70 percent of Facebook users are outside the U.S. vs. 60 percent for Twitter.

In terms of total users Facebook is way ahead, 500 million plus against 106 million but, as we can see, people use Twitter more often (the genius of Twitter is that it’s so easy) and, rather crucially, Twitter is ahead in mobile usage, this year’s version of the future.

The Cheat also speculates on the likelihood of an IPO (public listing) for Facebook in 2011 which may value the company as highly as $56bn, equivalent to about 200 times earnings.

Twitter may take a little longer to come to market but it’s likely to command an equally stellar multiple.

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