Isn’t it about time the Premier League took a firm line with these jokers – like the Indian poultry magnates who’ve just bought Blackburn?

You really couldn’t make it up. A poultry producer from India called Venky’s has just bought Premier League club Blackburn Rovers for £47m (have they received the money yet?) fired the capable manager Sam Allardyce and announced that they intend to be in the top six of the Premiership without spending any more money.

Rao family boss Anuradha Desai, who doesn’t seem to lack anything in confidence although her knowledge of football seems a bit limited, has been telling all the media who are prepared to listen that poor old ‘Big Sam’ just wasn’t ambitious enough and that backroom boy Steve Kean, who’s been promoted to the top job, is “much more positive.”

Ms Desai has also deflected questions about the involvement of sports agency Kentaro in these doings, although she’s acknowledged that they introduced the tandoori chicken brigade to the club.

But they don’t have an ongoing interest, she says, and Allardyce wasn’t fired because he refused to buy Kentaro’s client former Rangers striker Kris Boyd, now lodging at Middlesbrough. Other people in football aren’t so sure.

Premier League boss Peter Scudamore is well aware that his league is the biggest and most profitable in the world but he must also be uncomfortably aware that it’s increasingly populated by joke foreign owners who regard it, at best, as a form of sales promotion for their businesses and, at worst, an opportunity to rip out money without actually putting any in themselves.

Will Venky’s and the fluent Ms Desai turn out to be goodies or baddies?

Blackburn Rovers supporters, and the mighty Scudamore and his chums, will be hoping desperately that it’s the former.

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