Ofcom gives green light to product placement on British TV

According to Media Week it has anyway, which (if the case) is a good old-fashioned scoop.

Commercial broadcasters, especially ITV, have been pushing hard for product placement to be allowed in the UK, their pleas becoming even more heartfelt as the advertising recession plumbed the depths last year.

Now of course TV ad revenue is bouncing back with a vengeance with ads in the forthcoming final of the X Factor on ITV expected to sell for north of £250,000 for a whole 30 seconds.

As ever, being British, there will be restrictions including no PP in children’s programmes or news, current affairs and religion (surely an example of product placement since time immemorial). And suppliers of useful products and services like alcohol, tobacco and betting will be banned.

Programmes with it will carry ‘P’ bookends, which seems sensible.

Guesstimating the amount of money it will attract is just that. MW reckons sponsorship currently brings in £100m and product placement might produce up to £200m.

But for that you could buy quite a lot of advertising.

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