Local ad-funded TV in the UK looks like a bit of a Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt being the coalition culture secretary whose name Today programme presenter James Naughtie and then Andrew Marr got so spectacularly wrong on BBC’s Radio 4 last week.

Anyway Hunt has got it into his head that the UK could and should support a network of local TV broadcasters despite everyone else thinking he’s mad.

Today investment banker Nick Shott (is this the Shott who used to sell space for the Daily Express?) produced what looks like his final report on the matter, estimating that such stations could raise, at most, £5m in ad revenue.

Given that it would cost a minimum of £25m to set them up this looks like a bit of a non-starter.

Will Hunt now just bury the idea?

Probably not, he’s clearly a ‘nothing is impossible’ Tory and, on this evidence, a bit of a silly Hunt.

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