Hershey finally joins global chocolate wars through deal with Asda

Following its acquisition of Cadbury Kraft is making a determined effort to become numero uno in chocolate ahead of long-time rivals Mars and Nestle and now, Hershey, the venerable American maker, is making a belated attempt to crash the party with a deal with Walmart that will see some of its products listed in UK supermarket Asda.

The company is also planning to expand in Asia through the Walmart connection.

Hershey was left on the sidelines in the battle for Kraft because of its relative size in relation to Kraft and the role family trusts play in the business.

But with only 14 per cent of its $5.3bn sales outside the US it clearly thinks it’s a case of better late than never. Likely brands to be exported are Kisses, Reese’s Pieces and Hugs, once their GM ingredients have been removed.

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