Now Google challenges Microsoft Windows with Chrome OS

There’s no stopping those Googlers in their drive for world domination and now they’re taking on Microsoft (and ultimately Apple) with Chrome OS, a new operating system that relies solely on internet or ‘cloud’ storage for software.

Chrome OS is currently being trialled by some big American companies prior to making its debut next year in Acer and Samsung PCs. The strategy therefore is akin to that used for Google’s Android mobile system which has already grabbed a huge share of the smartphone market by being made available to a wide range of makers.

Microsoft has long recognised the threat to its hugely profitable software like Office from cloud applications but it’s still probably an unpleasant surprise to see Google entering the PC operating systems market in such a big way.

But Chrome OS has been hit by a number of teething problems in development. It was supposed to be ready for a Christmas launch in the US but has been put back.

Meanwhile there is some good news for Microsoft on the gaming front. Its Kinect operating sytem for XBox 360, where you move around in front of the screen, has helped sales in the US overtake those of Nintendo’s Wii, the first such moveable feast.

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