Now BMW transmits its logo on to the inside of your eyelids in campaign aimed at young bikers

Well it does if you obey the instructions in its latest German cinema ad for motorbikes and shut your eyes.

The Dr Deaths from Munich have found a way to print the letters BMW on the inside of your eyelids if you close them at the right time when its ad from the agency Serviceplan is playing.

The company boasts that it’s using revolutionary ‘flash projection’ technology for its nefarious purposes, pointing out that it’s things like this that show how ‘innovative, emotional and dynamic’ it is.

Here’s a film plugging the ad with the ad in the middle.

So is this even more ‘vorsprung durch technik’ than Audi or a bit of, possibly slightly sinister, Teutonic nonsense?

Maybe the latter as it’s aimed at young bikers who are a big enough danger to themselves as it is. Especially as it features motorbike champion Ruben Xaus doing wheelies.

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