Will William and Kate’s Royal wedding produce a media bonanza?

Well strangely enough, based on past performance, it will do.

Ad Age reports that five of the ten best-selling People magazine covers have been about British Royals, including the tragic death of Princess Diana of course.

So the intended nuptials of Price William and Kate Middleton, aka Princess Catherine, on April 29 next year will undoubtedly fuel zillions of news and magazine articles and TV shows. All of these will attract advertising and so, in 2011 may be a godsend to advertisers and agencies who don’t have a football World Cup or an Olympics Games to hang their marketing budgets on.

Which is all a bit bizarre really. The Royal family in the UK is really not that important these days although always worthy of a headline or three. The Queen is now 84 and her husband Prince Philip is 90. It’ll be a big story when either of them dies but the monarchy will be much diminished. There’s no appetite in the UK for long-time heir Prince Charles to take the throne but there would be awful ructions if he was cast aside in favour of son William. Who would certainly object anyway.

Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP fame remarked a while ago that really big global TV events, like the World Cup and the Olympics, played an increasing role in driving global ad expenditure.

In a funny kind of way it looks a bit like like the British Royals can do some of that, in a quiet year.

Perhaps Sorrell should start a committee to preserve the Royals, maybe with help from P&G, Unilever, Apple and Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ charitable foundation, to ensure they keep going to provide global media events in off-peak years?

Business is business, after all.

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