Toshiba new business boosts counter-culture agency Goodness Mfg.

Toshiba USA has named Hollywood-based Goodness Mfg. agency of record for its consumer electronics computers business. The decision was made after Irvine, CA-headquartered Toshiba conducted a lengthy review with multiple agencies. The new business win marks one of several for Goodness Mfg. this year, including AOR assignments for LucasArts and Conn’s retail stores.

Goodness Mfg.’s partner/ECD Tom Adams said, “We’re thrilled with the opportunity to work with Toshiba. They have a rich 25-year history in laptops and have been influential in the category. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of that history.” New work for Toshiba is currently underway and will break this month for the holiday selling season.

Toshiba is joining the tablet computer rush with a clunky, but very cheap, offering this Christmas.

Goodness Mfg. (in our old-fashioned way we insist on giving them a capital letter although we’ll allow them the redundant full point)) claims to be one of a new breed ad agency with its staff of 150 creatives and technologists. And no Roger Sterlings!

In this it’s similar to the Ty Montague and Rosemarie Ryan start-up in the US and Assembly in the UK.

The agency’s founders are five former Crispin Porter + Bogusky types who have worked on lots of big brands including Burger King, Google, GT Bicycles, Hard Rock Hotels, IKEA, LucasArts and Miller High Life.

Can an agency be built on just creatives? Yes. But can it then survive the endless client hassles (meetings, reports, research) that handling a Ford or Unilever requires? Well one of them might and Goodness Mfg seems to have got off to a good start.

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