TalkTalk connection scuppers Clenmow Hornby Inge’s YouView account win

Well it certainly looks as though it did as YouView, the internet-meets-TV service about to be launched by a consortium of broadcasters including the BBC, ITV and long-standing CHI client TalkTalk, has abruptly been forced to drop CHI from the account and give it to losing finalist Adam & Eve instead.

This is a cock-up of epic proportions, some would say only a gaggle of media owners would be capable of creating it. YouView marketing director Tim Hunt bumbles to Campaign that “Adam & Eve is one of the most creative and dynamic agencies in the UK.” More so than it was two weeks ago? And CHI isn’t?

CEO Richard Halton produced the interesting insight that while CHI had “the strongest creative idea ready to go” the agency had pitched both creative and media and he thought that OMD’s media offering was better. It had nothing to do with the YouView stakeholders he says.

So why didn’t he give one bit to one and the other to the other? Would Johnny Hornby have turned down a creative-only offer?

This is for the birds. Hornby comes rather closer to reality saying “We could not reconcile the project with our existing clients and the partners in YouView.”

So either some of the YouView stakeholders were uncomfortable about TalkTalk or TalkTalk felt the agency might take its eye off its ball (or something) by handling YouView as well. Probably the latter as it looks like CHI pulled out. The conflict was obvious, as we pointed out at the time of the appointment.

So why didn’t they act on it?

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