Now Skoda makes its bid for the mean machines market with new campaign by Fallon

It’s hard to think of a more dramatic image turnaround than Skoda, once synonomous with Eastern European boxes that barely moved, but Volkswagen has transformed the brand with a vengeance, but so far into a cuddly family favourite.

Now its new campaign by Fallon takes its last award-winning effort ‘cake’ back in 2007 and trashes it to make a bid for the hot hatchback market. As this was pioneered by the Golf GTI it’s a pretty brave move.

But it’s a jolly good ad and miles removed from the usual guff that characterises the car market. It should also raise spirits at Saatchi Fallon which has had a torrid time in London recently, losing some business and two Fallon founders to a breakaway.

Will it do the business for Skoda? Depends on the car of course but they may need another ad before a further three years goes by.

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