Sir Martin Sorrell gets a makeover as he embarks on the next 25 years at WPP

He has though with a suspiciously-shiny Italian-style suit and open-necked Oxford over a T-shirt that probably didn’t come from Gap.

Having just completed 25 years at WPP, the huge marcoms group he founded, and turned 65, the man once cruelly dubbed ‘the shortest knight’ by City analysts seems intent on moving serenely through to half a century at the helm looking more like a creative and less like an accountant.

Sorrell popped up in his new gear to announce WPP’s good results last week and, in our photograph from the Guardian, looks a touch uncomfortable although that could just be that he’s fed up having his picture taken.

And who might be the influence behind his new look? Second wife Cristiana Falcone, 34, media and entertainment industries director at the World Economic Forum that takes place every year in Davos, must be the prime suspect.

Anyway it looks very nice.

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