RKCR/Y&R challenges the music business with Two Black Cats release for ghd hair client

Visitors to RKCR/Y&R’s London HQ in not very fashionable Mornington Crescent will see two big black cats adorning the front of the office block, a residue of its previous days as the Black Cat cigarette factory.

Now the agency has adopted these moggies as the name of its new record label, Two Black Cats, and launched its first tune, by LA four-piece band Le Rev for ghd hair straighteners. Ghd is hardly a household name (so far) but hair straighteners is a big business in the UK and, as the ad, featuring a Cinderella figure, made its debut on top-rating X Factor at the weekend, is clearly able to stump up a decent media budget.

The ad cum promo must have cost a few quid too:

Two Black Cats is the joint brainwave of RKCR creative director Damon Collins and head of music Dan Neale. Neale says it makes sense as the agency doing it cuts costs and speeds up the process of getting the music out there. The opportunity arose because Le Rev was unsigned to a record label.

Agencies have dabbled in music before, BBH setting up its own music publishing business after tiring of its hit commercials producing lucrative commercial hits for record companies and publishers.

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