More news on bunga bunga, maybe this is what went on at Berlusconi’s parties

In the spirit of scholarly inquiry we’ve been looking into this ‘bunga bunga’ business (the post-prandial entertainment of choice at Italian PM and media magnate Silvio Berlusconi’s parties) and it seems the phrase can also refer to an African erotic dance as well as an unexpected anal invasion.

And we’ve managed to track down an example, thanks to the ever-useful YouTube:

It still looks a bit lively but that’s media sales conferences for you.

But wouldn’t you hate to be a Publitalia sales exec walking into a media agency just now? It’s not a case of ‘how are you?’ or ‘long time no see’ or even ‘what the xxxx do you want?’ No it’s a rousing chorus of ‘bunga, bunga you see.’

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