M&C Saatchi to handle £9m anti-cancer campaign – is this a joke?

Well it certainly looks like it, doesn’t the department of health know there’s a spending freeze on?

One can only assume that health secretary Andrew Lansley has had a rush of blood to the head in announcing this ridiculous waste of money and is currently cowering under his desk in expectation of a severe wigging (or worse, they are mostly public schoolboys) from spending cuts Czar cabinet office minister Francis Maude.

Or that M&C Saatchi is up to old Saatchi ways, telling a journalist they’ve won something in the hope that the bemused client will say, “Are we really doing that? OK fine, who are these Saatchi people anyway?”

After all, in a world where UK students are quite properly being asked to find up to £9,000 year on tuition fees (assuming they can find a tutor), before they spend all their parents’ money on beer and pizzas, it’s hardly responsible to spend £9m combating various cancers which will only allow sick people to live longer, thereby costing the state even more money.

But maybe Lansley is going to insist on the much-advertised payment by results for this one.

If anyone dies of cancer when the campaign’s running the agency has to give the money back.

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