Hovis wins top gong at UK IPA effectiveness awards – but will it convince other clients?

The UK’s agency trade body the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has been running its annual effectiveness awards for decades now, a spirited attempt to demonstrate to advertisers that money spent on attractive advertising actually produces more money for them.

Some of them know this of course but others, even though they advertise, rather doubt it and so the IPA has been saying the same thing to them for years.

Therefore it’s quite appropriate that Hovis has won this year’s Grand Prix with an MCBD ‘back to the future’ campaign that harks back to Ridley Scott’s famous 1974 rose-tinted ad for the bread brand. Here’s Rid’s legendary opus, directed for CDP:

And here’s MCBD’s somewhat grittier version:

The winning submission claimed that the new campaign had added ‘up to’ £90m of extra profit for Hovis.

So why isn’t everybody doing it?

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