Now Holly Branson’s mag is going to be an iPad rival to News International’s The Daily

And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch has announced that he’s going to launch an iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, with a budget of $30m.

Richard Branson has just riposted that he’s going to launch his own iPad magazine, edited by daughter and socialite Holly.

Holly’s print magazine Maverick was supposed to be launched a few weeks ago but hasn’t, that’s the Bransons for you.

Richard Branson has a bit of form as a magazine publisher, launching a London listings magazine called Event at the fag end of the 1970s when staff at Tony Elliot’s Time Out were on strike. Alas they went back to work and Branson retreated from magazines.

So this new mag, which various media commentators are getting excited about, probably won’t happen unless the Branson publicity machine manages to reel in a few outside investors.

As for daughter Holly, she might be left looking a bit of a Patsy.

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