GSD&M signs off BMW in the US with some great films – if only they’d abandoned that ‘joy’ nonsense

US agency GSD&M has either lost or resigned the US BMW account, and with it the worldwide brief that gave birth to the ‘Joy’ campaign, which never seemed to say BMW to the world outside America.

It’s the ultimate driving machine, innit?

Anyway the account was lost in tragic circumstances when BMW CMO Jack Pitney died in an accident in the summer.

Nobody else believed in the agency and the campaign as much as he did so it moved (we don’t know where yet).

But the agency has taken a leaf out of BMW’s old book of a few years ago when it made a series of flashy virals with big name directors including Guy Ritchie.

But these ones by GSD&M don’t have big names and they’re actually much better:

Anyway, good for them. These capture the spirit of the old slightly eccentric but beautiful BMWs before they became Beamers.

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