Full marks to Mother for trying but is Stella Artois Black really going to be the new Guinness?

Well it isn’t black (or stout) but Stella Artois Black seems to be setting out to plough the Guinness furrow with its retro black everything launch campaign from Mother and a load of guff from brewer AB InBev about new glasses and a “reverential pouring experience.”

In fact it’s a gold 4.9 beer from Belgium so it probably tastes like Stella did 30 years ago before it started to be made in Britain and became a staple of the discounted lager shelves at Tesco and Asda.

And the ad features a nice noir look with the inevitable saxophone and 60s ambience. It ties in with a promotion offering punters a chauffeur-driven trip around London in, one assumes from the ad, a nice black Citroen DS.

Full marks to AB InBev (can’t they call it one or the other?) for trying to regain Stella’s long-forgotten premium image (and taste).

But all its ads for the various, and confusing, Stella alternatives are different, united only in their commitment to retro-ness.

What about a really good single-minded campaign? Like what? Well Guinness maybe.

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