Now Church blasts News bid for Sky, Murdoch to launch app-only newspaper with Apple

The Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch, bishop of Manchester, has criticised News Corporation’s £8bn bid for the 61 per cent of Sky it doesn’t own saying that such a move would allow News to “dominate both the television and newspaper landscapes in the UK.”

You mean it doesn’t already?

Quite what this has to do with the church is open to debate. McCulloch’s view is that ‘we are the established church: we have a mission to the nation.”

Terry Sanderson from the National Secular Society takes the opposing view, saying that “the church should keep its eye on the heavens not on wheeling and dealing in the City.”

One suspects they’re not listening to each other. News has always had a “everybody hates us, we don’t care” attitude to its critics but even the battle-hardened Murdochs must be surprised at the sheer animus towards their activities.

Back on earth, or in the ether anyway, News is planning to launch an app-only newspaper The Daily, available initially on Apple iPads (and presumably iPhones).

This will cost 99 cents a week and be edited by current New York Post managing editor Jesse Angelo, so it sounds like a tabloid product.

This, and other moves like it, have incurred the wrath of internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee who disapproves of segmenting the internet into pockets of information you pay for.

But you’d need to be a Moses to turn this particular tide.

There are also reports that Apple is not now planning to build in a sim card in its forthcoming iPhone 5, a possibility that terrified other phone and telecoms network operators.

But, from Apple’s point of view, it’s a good idea isn’t it?

We reckon the iPhone 5 will be offered with such an option.

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