BBH gets its mojo back with live action cinema ad for St John Ambulance

Tugging at heartstrings has never been BBH’s thing but it does so with a vengeance in this ingenious combination of cinema commercial and live action for the St John Ambulance, a charity-funded stalwart of the UK healthcare scene that hails all the way back to the medieval soldier-monk order of the Knights of St John.

One of the creative directors on the project Adrian Rossi explains here how it came about. It certainly shows all the agency’s trademark flair and taste (it would have been easy to go way over the top). And it should cheer up the BBHers who’ve not enjoyed the best of times recently.

Rossi and the other creative director involved Alex Grieve have since left BBH after 14 years to join Glue (which is a shame, somehow) but took time off to finish the shoot.

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