Wayne Rooney assaults Bobby Charlton (for Turkish Airlines) – Oh, if it had been the other way around

Footballers come and go (or make it look as though they are) but global marketing grinds on, as it does in this chirpy new ad for Turkish Airlines by local agency Alametifarika. ‘Globally Yours’ is the slogan and how better to express it than to feature that cuddly bunch, Turkish Airlines’ global partners Manchester United.

And so we have young rascal Wayne Rooney joining an airborne kickabout by the lads and (accidentally) aiming the ball at Sir Bobby Charlton, one of the club’s most famous players, a model of decent behaviour, now a director and, as things stand of this minute, probably not too amused with Wayne Rooney.

The commercial was obviously shot before the club’s recent spat with Wayne Rooney became public (and no-one at Man U would have bothered to tell a Turkish ad agency anyway). Would it have been pulled if Rooney had stood by his decision of last Wednesday (rescinded on Friday after the receipt of a huge pay rise) to leave the club because of its alleged ‘lack of ambition?’

Sir Bobby (who’s getting on a bit now admittedly but does have a World Cup win to his name, which is a lot more than Rooney has) should have dusted off that famous left foot and whacked the ball into the Rooney gonads. That would have turned a nice ad into a guaranteed award-winner.

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