Sky tells off journalists for claiming for bribes and fraud

They’re a touch sensitive in the News Corporation empire about misunderstandings involving alleged wrongdoing (former News of the World boss Andy Coulson is being pursued over phone hacking violations) and we have the estimable Popbitch newsletter to thank for the following intelligence from another part of the empire, 39.1 per cent owned pay-TV broadcaster Sky .

It’s a missive said to be from the financial controller at Sky News to hacks who’ve been claiming expenses for their investigations into bribery and fraud in the big wide world (ie, not the world of News Corporation)!

Email of the week:
Sent yesterday to Sky News journalists
from the financial controller’s office:


It has been brought to my attention
that people have been using the words
“bribe” or “fraud” when submitting their
expense claims. Whilst in most cases
this has arisen because people are
covering fraud or bribery cases, please
can everybody refrain from using these
words in future. Sky doesn’t tolerate
the use of bribery or fraud in the
workplace and has to investigate each case.
We will be contacting the people concerned.


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