Old Shanghai’s new campaign for Tempest targets South Africans who are “black on the inside”

And quite edgy stuff it is, with white ventriloquist Conrad Koch playing a character called Russell and a black female dummy called Precious.

Russell, says agency Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory, is a typical South African white guy who likes biltong and rugby while glamorous dummy Precious wants to be star although not initially in an ad for a cheap rate car rental company. Tempest, she avers, is the car rental company for people who are “black on the inside.”

Old Shanghai, which has a formidable creative reputation, has been part of the Saatchi & Saatchi empire since founder Gail Curtis moved across to run Saatchis South Africa and its Africa Network in 2005. Fellow Old Shanghai founder Glen James, still creative director, oversaw the campaign which all parties hope will develop into a cult campaign in broadcast media and over the internet.

South African whites who are black inside eh? It would be a fairly brave agency and client who tried to do the equivalent in the US or UK so top marks for trying.

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